Passive Fire Protection





At International Coatings Group we manufacture innovative passive fire protection options, in the form of intumescent paint. Our products are UL, ULC, CSIRO and Branz certified and provide protection for Wood (UL 723/S102), Foam (UL1715) and Steel (UL263/ULC-S101) substrates. Our products are for use in the fire proofing of commercial and private structures. On Land or at Sea.

International Coatings Group produces Intumescent water based Paints with very low VOC’s that are 100% Halogen and Asbestos free, that gives Fire Protection to a range of substrates.

Our Flagship products are FBL-100 and FBL-200, which are both UL and ULC certified Fire Retardants.

  • FBL-100 is a general substrate product, which can be applied to Dimensional lumber, Manufactured wood products, Trusses, Drywall, Spray polyurethane foam, HDPE wall panels, Concrete, Aluminum and Steel.
  • FBL-200 is for structural steel, specifically designed with a slow carbon char expansion.





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