International Coatings Group

Founded in 2014, International Coatings Group has been striving to manufacture and test its products in order to offer the best passive fire protection in the Industry.

We are constantly striving to be leaders in innovated coatings. Staying at the forefront of technology which has allowed us to become the the first ever thin filmed intumescent paint to officially pass the UL 1715 test.

With our products we can protect any building or structure around the globe, we aim to be cutting edge technically and environmentally responsible providing high quality intumescent coatings and leading a path for all industrial companies to follow.

Our products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A and shipped internationally.

Chris Collins 
Co-Founder and CEO
For the last 8 years Chris has steered the company and its products through the rigorous testing and standards in order to manufacture products of the highest calibre, his vision and persistence has resulted in our products being certified and available throughout the Americas and Australasia, with more continents to follow.
Wayne Foulis 
Co-Founder and CFO

Wayne brings a passion and drive to make a product that not only brings safety and peace of mind to the industry, but more importantly takes steps to a greener future of Industrial construction. Constantly striving to find ways to reduce environmental impact Wayne hopes to help push industry in a responsible direction.

Sarah Foulis
Sarah is the newest addition to the ICG team.  She brings with her 20 years of world wide experience in the highest customer service standards as well as a wealth of knowledge in global logistics, marketing and Client relations.