FBL-100 is a water-based, thin-film, intumescent coating that is a combination of the latest technologies creating the world’s leading Fire Barrier Latex.

FBL-100 can be applied on Aluminum, Dimensional lumber, Manufactured wood products, Trusses, Drywall, Spray polyurethane, HDPE wall panels, Concrete and Structural Steel.

FBL-100 has UL/ULC certification for UL1715 (including UL723 and NFPA286) as well as CAN/ULC-S102, to meet US and Canadian standards.  It is class rated A1 to reduce flame and smoke spread.

FBL-100 also has New Zealand certification on the following ratings;

– NZBC C/AS2 – C/AS6 Appendix C, for interior use only, as part of providing a “Fire Resistance Rating” (FRR) of 60/60/60 on either:

  1. Timber (or better) framed walls exposed to fire from either or both sides (two-way FRR), and, or exposed to fire from the coated side (one-way FRR).
  2. Timber Framed (or better) Floor/Ceiling systems exposed to Fire from below in Residential, Commercial or Industrial Building’s on the following substrates: – 13mm Standard GIB Plasterboard, 6mm Fibre Cement Sheet, 12mm Plywood, Exposed Timber Floors/Ceilings (underside only).

– NZBC C/VM2 Appendix A and can be used to prevent spread of fire on interior wall or ceiling substrates. It achieves Group 2-S on Type 1 (most reactive) as per C/VM2 A1.6, Table A2.

– Can also be used to protect internal load-bearing wood from fire, therefore reducing cross- sectional areas required as per NZS 3603:1993.

FBL-100 is a hard, durable, abrasion resistant product with a smooth, white aesthetic finish which makes it ideal for the refurbishment or upgrade of passive fire protection in existing or new building stock.


Product Benefits

Fast & cost-effective installation
100% Asbestos & Halogen free
Water-based, Ultra – Low VOC
Attractive off-white finish
Lightweight and very hard
Thin film application
Will not dust, flake, nor delaminate
Durable – low maintenance
High impact resistance
No HAZMAT, OSHA or EPA requirements

Product Category: Fire Protection Category

UL 723: Flame Spread 0 Smoke Spread 15

S102: Flame Spread 0 Smoke Spread 15


Volume Solids: 70 %

Specific Gravity: 1.37

VOC: 19 g/L

Density: 1443 g/L

Average Coating Pull-Off Strength: 400 psi

D2240-05(10) Hardness test: 77

ASTM D2486 and D3450 Scrub Resistance: 35 Cycles

Percent Water Content: 26.50%

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