FBL-200 is specifically designed for structural steel with a slow carbon char expansion allowing for 2 hour ratings.

FBL-200 is a water-based, thin-film, intumescent coating that is a combination of the latest technologies creating the world’s leading Fire Barrier Latex.

FBL-200 is UL/ULC tested and certified UL263 and CAN/ULC-S101M

FBL-200 is a hard, durable, abrasion resistant product with a smooth, white aesthetic finish which makes it ideal for the refurbishment or upgrade of passive fire protection in existing or new building stock.


Product Benefits

Fast & cost-effective installation
100% Asbestos & Halogen free
Water-based, Ultra – Low VOC
Attractive off-white finish
Lightweight and very hard
Thin film application
Will not dust, flake, nor delaminate
Durable – low maintenance
High impact resistance
No HAZMAT, OSHA or EPA requirements



FBL-200 has been specifically designed for Structural Steel however can also be applied on Aluminum, Dimensional lumber, Manufactured wood products, Trusses, Drywall, Spray polyurethane, HDPE wall panels and Concrete.

Product Category: Fire Protection Category


Volume Solids: 71.44 %

Specific Gravity: 1.37

VOC: 3 g/L

Density: 1442 g/L

Average Coating Pull-Off Strength: 400 psi

D2240-05(10) Hardness test: 77

ASTM D2486 and D3450 Scrub Resistance: 172 Cycles

Percent Water Content: 28.46%

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